Finland’s capital Helsinki has been viewed as the start-up centre of Northern Europe. The country’s location in the northeast corner of the EU makes it a great place for companies looking to expand into Europe, while also keeping an eye open for Asian markets.

Finland is geographically the size of Germany, but from Helsinki you can reach up to 70 percent of all business opportunities. In Finland, competition is lower, and it is easy to export to Finland.

Finland, renowned for its hard-to-break-through culture, less-than-desirable climate, and difficult-to-learn language, is one of the best places in the world to do business.

A start-up centre in Northern Europe

In Finland you will find a lively ecosystem of accelerators, investors, and venture capital, which is well supported by the government. Overall, public and private investment in start-ups has grown steadily for several years.

It is an excellent test site for new technologies, as there are both highly educated and technology-savvy people, a stable testing infrastructure and the very best know-how in digital technologies. The success is mainly due to good cooperation between the state, start-ups, companies and universities.

In Finland, there is a hierarchical form of management. The Finns are known to get straight to the point with no small talk. Here, efficiency is key. They are well prepared and precise, and the tone is formal.

Finns are known for being honest and keeping their word. They value companies and individuals who are sincere and serious. That’s why you go a long way if you provide good service and are professional.

A fun curiosity is the Finns’ sauna culture, which also shows their more informal side. As a partner, you will often be invited to a joint visit to the sauna. Many good deals and contacts are actually created around visits to a sauna.

9 facts about Finland

  1. Member of the EU since 1995 and is the only Nordic country to use the Euro as its currency
  2. The lowest share capital is 2,500 Euro
  3. Finnish society is secure, stable and transparent
  4. Political and economic stability
  5. Two official languages: Finnish and Swedish, however, only 5% have Swedish as their mother tongue, while Sami and others account for approx. 7%. Virtually all Finns speak English
  6. Relatively affluent population
  7. Low corporation tax of only 20%, which is low in the EU
  8. Highly trained workforce
  9. Top positions in international studies of school children’s skills, the quality of health care, the integration of immigrants and corruption, amongst others

Read more about Finland on Wikipedia.


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