Financial management

Stay in control of your company’s expenses with Wallester

Simplify your workday for you and your employees. Let your employees take care of purchasing with Wallester Business – an all-in-one solution for managing company expenses. Wallester Business platform is completely free

With Wallester Business, you can keep track of all expenses and at the same time have a complete overview when your employees make purchases for the company. Both physical and virtual cards with IBAN accounts can be issued quickly and easily.

  • No sign-up fee
  • No configuration fee
  • No monthly fee
  • No mobile app fee
  • No physical card issuing fee
  • No virtual card issuing fee

Basic platform features and multifunctional cards free of charge.
Get up to 300 virtual cards for FREE upon online registration and an unlimited number of physical cards – applies to all new
Wallester Business clients.

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Wallester takes a small percentage from every merchant transaction. That is, the percentage is already included in the price that customers find in store, online, etc.

8 Unique Benefits with Wallester

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1. Issue virtual cards on the go

Issue unlimited virtual cards and put your employees in charge of buying adverts on online platforms.

2. Optimised for online purchasing of e.g. advertising

Place thousands of ad campaigns and manage each of them via separate virtual cards.

3. Full control over all spending

Set purchase limits according to different security parameters to reduce the risk of fraudulent purchases.

4. Track transactions in real-time

Get instant notifications on every single transaction – this way you have a full overview of all payments.

5. Select a currency of your choice

Make purchases in a specific currency – convert at the most favourable exchange rate.

6. Authorise purchases easily

Quickly and easily approve purchase requests from employees.

7. Easily manage all receipts

Upload invoices via mobile app for bookkeeping.

8. Full overview of the budget

Easily manage your budget with integrated accounting services.

Wallester is an official Visa partner and is a Visa Principal Member, Visa Ready Certified and Visa FinTech Fast Track Member.