About CPIE Services

CPIE Services are specialists in setting up companies in England, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and many other well-known and popular international jurisdictions. CPIE Services also establish companies and services in Cyprus, Delaware, Dubai, Gibraltar, etc.

A large number of companies and individuals have already taken advantage of the opportunity to establish holding companies, operating and investment companies in other countries that are adapted to their business model. We have experienced a growing desire for companies abroad. Many businesses and individuals are already benefiting from having a company structure in other countries securing an enhance business and higher earnings.

Establishing a UK company lets you take advantage of a favourable business structure, which is quite standard in England. When the company setup and its related bank accounts are executed well you will benefit from being compliant to the UK market and be able to secure local access.

Network of agents, banks and advisers

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the establishment and operation of foreign companies. In collaboration with our large network of agents, banks, and offices in the respective countries, we can guarantee proper guidance and setup of your companies and bank accounts. We have an established administration process that is vital in helping you reach your potential and ensure that all information is treated confidentially and correctly.

One of our daily tasks is keeping up-to-date with the local and global changes in international law.

All our staff will do their utmost to guide you through the possibilities of establishing international companies and bank accounts.

We focus on the big picture

Our goal is not just to set up a company or an international bank account, but also to use our expertise to help you reach your goal. We focus on the unique situation and long-term goals of our clients. We aspire to be your preferred partner within our area of expertise. We always focus on the big picture when guiding you, which enables our clients to make the right financial decisions regardless of size and complexity.

Would you like to meet on Skype or face-to-face?

Most of our daily work is done by mail, phone, and Skype, but we also know that a personal meeting can make all the difference. It’s also easier for you to present us with your thoughts and ideas and discuss the best solution for you.

Our everyday operation takes place in the UK, but we can always arrange a meeting to review your options.

Get in touch with us today and begin your deliberations right away.

Disclaimer: We expect full tax compliance of our clients in any jurisdiction they choose to operate.



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