7 important facts: Why you should seriously consider England

England is a trading nation

England is an extremely important market. And we cannot write off the entire English-speaking market because of Brexit. We have gathered 7 important facts you should know about business in England.

1. You are where it is happening

In short, if you want to enter the English market, then set up an English company. England is an important financial center in Europe – Brexit or not.

2. You can product develop and receive grants

If you want to do business in the UK and do product research and development then there are grants available, you should set up your business in the UK.

3. The door opens to the entire English-speaking market

If you have a company and would like to enter the English-speaking market. Start in England, where you will learn how to run a business in the English-speaking market.

4. In some areas there is NO change

Brexit is on the way. If you have physical products, there may be fees, but if you provide a service or consulting services, you can work in the normal way – even after Brexit. No change.

5. Easier access to investors

If you need funding and investors, England is one of the countries with the most opportunities.

6. Simple VAT rules

If you are setting up a business in the UK and need to work internationally, you do not have to settle VAT – only if you trade in the UK with UK companies. Many companies therefore do not need to register for VAT at all.

7. England is a trading nation

We don’t expect more trading restrictions for companies. We expect it to be easier and cheaper to do business in the UK in the future.

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