English company equals freedom to trade with the world

Do you dream on the freedom to trade with the whole world – if so, read on?

It sounds a bit far-fetched, but there is a meaning behind these words.

If you have your company in England, it is you who decides how it will be run and who you wish to trade with. This is because an English company is well-known and recognised around the world.

We find that our customers deal in all kinds of different products and services and collaborate with customers and suppliers worldwide. It gives them the freedom they crave.

In England, it is still very easy to own and manage a business. It is the business owner who determines how the business is run, as long as you, of course, comply with the law – even after Brexit!

With an English company, you can:

  • start ip easily. There is no minimum capital requirement
  • start up without VAT registration until the turnover is £ 85,000 annually
  • take out shareholder loans (which must be settled no later than 9 months after the financial year)
  • maintain limited accounting without auditing – up to approx. £50m in turnover
  • be present and grow your business in England, which is still an attractive market for all companies
  • etc.

International business

CPIE Services – your professional partner

With hundreds of customers, CPIE Services is a professional and experienced partner for you and your business. It is about you spending time on your business, whilst we take care of the rest.

In 2020, we established a new branch office in the Netherlands. We work with the SME organisations there who, together with us, also help the Dutch companies establish themselves in England and gain a further foothold. Our team in the Netherlands regularly meets with the various organisations and companies to discuss solutions and opportunities that further ensure their success.

Let CPIE Services help you set up your business in the UK and give you that freedom. We provide your business address, take care of your storage, arrange delivery of your goods and ensure that your business runs smoothly and painlessly. Many business owners are also using England as a stepping-stone to get further out into the world – so let’s talk about the possibilities.

You can read more about an English company here.

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