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If you are considering embarking on an adventure as an international entrepreneur – then England is a great place to establish yourself.

As an entrepreneur, there is always a lot to think about and it is important to reach out to family, friends, partners and, of course, from the authorities. As well as having a good business plan, you also need to keep track of your organisation, position, and your finances. Establishing a company correctly ensure that you cannot personally be held liable if things go wrong.

Unfortunately, it has become harder and harder to establish yourself in Europe as an entrepreneur, particularly if you also need to open a bank account for your business.

An English company for your international business

If you have plans to start an international business, you may wish to consider setting up your company in the UK. There is no start-up capital requirement and, with the help of CPIE Services, you can secure a bank account for your business.

It is not unusual to establish your company in England and if you need it, we can establish a branch office for your English company in your home country as well. There have been some issues arising since Brexit, but these are being worked on diligently with the relevant authorities and Companies House.

No capital requirement

There is no capital requirement in England.

Access networks and market knowledge

CPIE Services has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. We can advise you on the market and help you with your business plan. We have a large network of skilled advisers and can also help you get in touch with other entrepreneurs who have already taken the plunge.

Have a free introductory talk with us – maybe we can alleviate some of your concerns. It won’t cost you anything.

Are you already working in Europe?

If you want to grow outside the European borders, as an entrepreneur, England will be of interest to you. Our experience shows that European entrepreneurs do extremely well in the English market. It is easy to establish yourself, as there are fewer demands than in some other parts of Europe.

With a simple set-up, you can establish yourself in the market very easily and, remember, we are also in the UK so we can advise you and open our network to you.

Tax on share income is rising in Europe

If you live in England, the tax is around 20%, depending on the size of the amount earned. However, depending on the structure, shares and assets can be placed in an English company instead. Then there is only 19% in tax on the profit. Something worth considering.

8 benefits of an English company

  1. NO capital requirement
  2. Minimal auditing obligation
  3. Shareholder loans are permitted
  4. Lower tax rate (corporation tax has fallen to 19%)
  5. No requirement for VAT registration until the annual turnover in UK reaches £85,000
  6. Director services available
  7. Better creditor protection
  8. First accounts can be filed 21 months after the company’s incorporation

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