Here is the recipe for exporting to England

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Get off to a good start in England. Avoid the pitfalls and earn a profit from the start. CPIE Services has the recipe.

In many cases, Brexit has become an obstacle for smaller companies when it comes to exporting products to the UK. If products are sold individually to English customers, there can be a lot of additional paperwork for each order. In addition, customs duties and VAT must be paid.

It may end up being too expensive to export to England and companies end up giving up – but there is a solution to the problem, and there are several reasons why you should investigate the possibilities.

Take advantage of the VAT threshold

In the UK, a business does not have to register VAT until the turnover is over £ 85,000 a year. If you are reasonably new to the market, then this is a perfect opportunity to start exporting to the UK, as you can sell your products for the price plus VAT – without having to settle for VAT. It gives approx. 20 percent higher earnings and can easily cover your start-up and associated extra costs.

This way, you get to start your business and get to know the market in England. When your turnover reaches the point where you are required to register for VAT, you have in the meantime built a company that can be trimmed and optimised, so that you have a long-term business.

Set up a branch or company in England

CPIE Services can set up the UK branch, or company, to provide you with a base and business address. Once everything is established, you can start your business and get started in your new market. In most cases, you run the business yourself, but CPIE Services is also happy to help you move forward if you. Let’s talk more about this.

CPIE Services will help you on an ongoing basis and will ensure that you get help with accounting and other important services. The recipe is simple.

Send your products to England in a smart way

When you export to England, you will ship your products to your warehouse in England -through your UK branch or company. This is done for the lowest possible cost price per product for customs purposes. If you send a larger quantity, then the transport cost per product is greatly reduced. CPIE Services can also receive the goods on your behalf if you wish.

When you receive orders for delivery in the UK, CPIE Services can take care of the freight forwarding. The orders can come through either your website or your active sales work. We can agree on how to ensure your success in England.

Get started quickly and easily

Contact CPIE Services and hear how we can get your business up and running in just a few weeks. It’s actually not as difficult as it sounds. We have helped many companies get established in England.

We can also help you with other aspects of your business in England. We have many years of experience in sales and marketing and can help companies with contracts, long-term agreements for the sale

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