to create a community in London

Revagroup is looking to making contact and establishing a community among other Danish, Nordic or European companies that want to be based in London.

London is the first of several strategic locations in the world where is establishing an international office. Now the company wants to create an international community with other Danish, Nordic or European companies.

CEO Jan Revald sees great synergy in joining forces with other tech companies that have similar ambitions and are therefore ready to establish themselves in the UK market. Ideally, he hopes to set up his own office with similar growth companies.

“Right now, we are looking for other companies that are interested in building a community in London – a common base for our employees, where we can also exchange experience and knowledge, as well as benefit from common services such as a reception, payroll, recruitment, facilitation or other common functions that make sense and can strengthen the business,” says Jan Revald.

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