We need more WOMEN to start their own businesses

Seize the opportunity – now!

Here in the UK office, Sue, Helle and Anja are ready to help with all the administrative work necessary to ensure you receive a first-class solution.

The majority of our customers are men. Naturally, we are delighted with all our customers, but we really want to encourage more women to establish their own businesses. So why not do what you have always dreamt of doing – right now – on International Women’s Day!

Unfortunately, in Denmark, there are too few people, specifically women, who establish themselves as entrepreneurs. “Oh, it is too cumbersome and difficult” is usually the reason given, but all the knowledge and work you pour into your employer, on a daily basis, has a very high value and, in many cases, may be worth far more by being self-employed.

Of course, it is a hard work to be independent and, in Denmark, companies endure a lot of bureaucracy and responsibilities – especially in the start-up phase. It may be an advantage for you to consider England as an alternative. At the same time, you have a unique opportunity to seriously throw yourself into what you are passionate about and create a success story for yourself.

If you have a great idea or product that you would like to sell – outside Denmark too – and you want to be independent, seriously consider setting up the company in England whilst working in a Danish branch.

3 reasons for considering setting up an English company

  1. You immediately expand your market from approx. 5 to 70 million people. Your website is probably already available in English.
  2. You only need to submit an Annual Financial Statement in England. No auditing, VAT accounts or other difficult tasks. We offer a fixed, low price for UK accountants and accounting.
  3. No need for VAT Registration until your turnover reaches £85,000 annually. VAT registration is not necessary if you trade in countries outside the UK.

Our team of Danish speaking women will help you set up the company and apply for a bank account. We work closely with the large English banks, so once this is in place, you are well on your way.

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We offer free advice and guidance as to whether an English company will be beneficial to you. Send us a little information about your idea / project and when you would like to Skype with us.

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Women – The Statistics


  • Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg are countries where the least women become self-employed
  • Only 5% of Danish women are self-employed
  • Countries like Greenland, Italy, Turkey and Spain have the most self-employed women.
    (OECD-report: Entrepreneurship at a Glance 2016)
  • Since the Financial crisis in 2008, the interest in becoming self-employed has fallen. The total number of self-employed has fallen by just over 10,000 from a total of 202,000 self-employed.
    (Danmarks Statistik/Danish Statistics)


  • In England, around 1/3 of all self-employed are women
  • Since 2008, around half of the newly self-employed individuals are women. In England, there are around 1,500,000 self-employed women. Since 2008, this has increased by 300,000
  • 80% of all new self-employed individuals during the period 2008 – 2011 were women.
    (English statistics, RBS Group 2013)

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