Are you riding the bitcoin wave?

New possibilities in Switzerland!

Crypto currencies are a disruption

It’s not easy to trade with bitcoin in Denmark because the banks do not accept or recognise the currency as well as all crypto currencies. The latest edition of the Danish equivalent of The Financial Times, Børsen, states that some banks terminate customer relationships if their businesses are based on Bitcoin.

Crypto currencies are obviously a disruption to bank’s normal daily business and its easier for all Danish banks to agree on not allowing the currency because Denmark is a small country.
The banks have a hard time keeping their clients as it’s easy to move accounts to another bank for private individuals. But if you are a business, it becomes considerably more difficult to deal with the banks.

Therefore, more companies move to Switzerland

There are now other countries in Europe that accept bitcoin and make it possible for a company to be established on bitcoin. At CPIE Services, we already work with several clients who have established their companies in Switzerland where bitcoin is accepted as a currency. This means that we can now help you establish your business and banking facilities.

There are several different ways to establish your new business outside of Denmark. If you are a Danish resident, we ensure that you can receive earnings and pay tax in Denmark.

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