Do you export to England?

Export England

Do you wish to export to England? CPIE Services can provide you with the right help to export, enabling you to focus more on your business.

In order to export to the UK, your business must be registered as an exporter, and you must have an EORI number. This should be in place before you start exporting.

CPIE Services can help you export to the UK:

1. English VAT number

If you sell goods to English consumers, you will need a UK VAT number. This number must be used to register the English VAT that you receive from your customers.

2. Deferment Account (this is on its way)

We are working on a solution where your company can get a combined account in the UK, where you can settle all VAT, customs fees and taxes.

It is not in place yet, but we will advise as soon as it is available

3. English company (special export offer)

The optimal solution for exporting to England is, of course, to set up a branch, of your EU business, in England. This will give you an authentic business in the UK and a local presence for your English customers.

We are offering a special fixed price on a complete package that contains everything you need to get started with your exports:

  • English company
  • Registered address
  • Application for a bank account
  • Postal services
  • EORI number
  • VAT number

Do you want to export to England? If so, call us on 0044 1473 249024 and hear more about the benefits. In England, there is a plan to re-open the country and it is expected that all Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted by 21 June 2021. Get started with your planning now!

You can also write to us at if you are considering starting up with exporting. We always respond within 24 hours.

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