Get a solid foundation in the Nordic market

Nordic market

CPIE Service can now help establish your company throughout the whole of the Nordic region – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Get help with registration and administrative matters in the Scandinavian market.

To ensure full access to the Nordic market, it is important to be present and to show that your company is part of society and local legislation. If you want growth in Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland, CPIE Services can now help you get your foot in the door in the entire Scandinavian market.

Currently, CPIE services are helping successful companies to establish their businesses in Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, and other jurisdictions around the world. The Nordic region will also be an important focus area in the future.

Effective management, supervision and reporting

As a company, you often have to navigate increasingly complex rules and requirements. Our local experts in Scandinavia will guide you through both registration and administrative matters. It ensures a secure management, increased supervision, and more transparent reporting.

Establishment, administration, and operation

CPIE Service is a Corporate Service Provider throughout Scandinavia and can, among other things, ensure the following:

Establishment of company

We handle all the formalities and paperwork in connection with the company registration and work with the relevant authorities to ensure that your company is operational.

Registered office

Your business must have a registered address in the country of registration. We can provide you with a registered office, with a prestigious address, in your chosen jurisdiction.

Creation and administration of bank accounts

We help with the opening of a bank account and will guide you through the necessary requirements and procedures. In special circumstances, we can also manage our customers’ bank accounts unless you choose to use Internet-based banking solutions.

Payroll administration

If your company employs staff locally or abroad, we can handle the payroll administration. We will ensure that your company complies with all rules and regulations.

Director services

Depending on your needs, we can provide a director locally for both compliance, and other management tasks. Our professionals can provide local market knowledge, independent oversight, and management, thereby adding transparency to potential shareholders and investors.

Accounting, VAT and tax

A professional accounting team, with international experience, provides you with advanced expert service. You will receive help with everything from bookkeeping, archiving, accounting, VAT and tax advice.

Business administration

Business register, local board services, company secretarial services, investor, owner registers, board and shareholder meetings, transfer agency.

Local compliance

Doing business in an unknown jurisdiction is often a challenge. We ensure that your business is managed responsibly and that all statutory reporting will be handled in a timely and professional manner.

Interested? Contact us on 7044 4024. You will be treated according to international standards and a personal contact for your Scandinavian business.

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