Get help for fast and professional establishment in Holland


If you are considering a central location for your company in the EU, CPIE Services can help. Grow your business in the Netherlands with great tax advantages and a central location in the EU.

The Netherlands is the third best country in the world for business and is known for the benefits it offers entrepreneurs.

In 2021, CPIE Services established a branch in the Netherlands. CPIE Services has long had a strong relationship with the country as some of our UK team have previously lived and done business in Holland.

Good connections led to the establishment of a local branch last year. We have already helped several people on their way to setting up a sales company. We look forward to following the progress of these businesses over the coming year.

5 benefits of setting up in the Netherlands

1. Advantageous tax rules
2. The share capital for a BV (limited liability company) is very low
3. No VAT for transactions in the EU
4. A hotspot for many international companies
5. Rotterdam and Amsterdam have the second largest ports in the world, opening up opportunities for receiving goods and easier distribution

See the benefits of starting a business in the Netherlands

Find out about your options and the benefits of setting up in the Netherlands. Contact us on 7044 4024.

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