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Local entity EU

Many UK businesses are struggling at the moment with exporting to the EU. CPIE Services has the answer.

As a manufacturer/supplier in the UK, you probably have a brand that is already popular with your customers in the EU but, since the rules have changed post Brexit, trying to secure your income from abroad has become more problematic.

It makes sense to establish yourself in the EU but what with managing the customs, duty, VAT etc., where do you start? How can this be done in the best – and cheapest way – possible? CPIE Services has the answers.

A local entity in the EU

First, we will establish a company in either Denmark or Holland, with a local operating address. You need a legal entity in the EU to obtain a local VAT number in order to invoice your customers in the EU.

CPIE Services have teams in Denmark and Holland, who can help establish the perfect platform for UK companies to continue their business in the EU. In both countries, we have local speaking personnel who will guide you throughout, and also help plan and execute your daily business, if needed.

We can also help you with local storage in the UK – to receive goods despatched from an EU location. In many cases, it is possible to ship directly from the UK and invoice from your branch office abroad. Let’s find the best solution for you.

Why CPIE Services?

  • We speak English and Danish in our main office in the UK, plus a team of native speakers in Denmark and Holland
  • We have many customers with a UK/Danish and a UK/Dutch company structure, so we know what it takes
  • We have offices in both Holland and in Denmark and local business consultants who can help you secure your business abroad
  • It is not actually as expensive as you think to have this set-up

Please contact us at 01473 249024 and speak with our team in Hadleigh. We are ready to help.

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