CPIE Services is equipped to offer a new fulfilment service

Fulfilment service in UK

CPIE Services has started a new fulfilment service which can help you manage and deliver goods to your customers in the UK.

With all the changes that have come about since Brexit, suppliers have found it much more complicated to ship products to their English customers.

Unfortunately, many companies in the EU have already lost a large amount of earnings since January 2021, as goods have been mishandled and, in many cases, returned.

English customers are also discovering that they suddenly have to pay local VAT and various taxes to have their goods delivered and are therefore refusing to receive them.

Fulfilment service – is a good option to consider

CPIE Service has established a new fulfilment service. This means that we can now:

  • establish and manage your new English company
  • receive your goods in our warehouse
  • ensure that your customers receive their goods safely, correctly and without problems or surprises

A fulfilment service is a great way to solve the challenges caused by Brexit. At the same time, it is a good opportunity for companies who would rather avoid handling shipments themselves.

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