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As a Danish entrepreneur and business owner, England is a very important market. Find out here why you should consider opting for a UK company with a Danish branch.

The UK is an excellent springboard to the international market

The UK has always been one of those markets in Europe lending itself as a natural starting point for export sales if one’s aim is to build a business in the US or other international markets. Not only is the UK population more than 65 million, English is used as standard within business.

When Danish companies set up a website, there will almost always be an English version and in some cases, English is the only language used. Why? Expansion is the aim. If the plan is to venture out into the open market, then this should also involve having a UK presence.

Of course, the English market is a competitive one. Most companies in the EU, wishing to break into the American market, will also start in the UK. At the same time, it is also here that American companies will test the waters before attempting to conquer market shares in the rest of Europe. However, should you “survive” in the UK, then the rest of the world will follow more readily.

Brexit is unavoidable

Brexit is unavoidable. There is a lot of talk about how it will affect businesses. It doesn’t change the fact that England is still an important market and if you wish to be successful in the UK, you should be established in England. Once Brexit has occurred, there may be challenges regarding duty, tariff and other costs. Unfortunately, we cannot get around this. However, if you have established a company in England, with a branch in Denmark, access to English customers will be more direct.

Danish branch with access to 70 million people

If you have established a Danish branch to your English company, you can work locally in Denmark and still be part of an international business. In Denmark the company is registered with a CVR-number, the same as all Danish companies. However, with an English company, you can operate in a much bigger market with access to up to 70 million people. It only costs a few hundred Danish Kroner to register a Danish branch, so why not do it?

CPIE Services keeps you on top of the game

CPIE Services helps you establish market presence for your company. We ensure that you are on top of legal and accounting requirements, so you can focus on developing your business. We assist you in daily administration, be it order processing, delivery, invoicing and all other tasks essential to your business. You will have control over the financial management, bank accounts and the financial operations via web services. Develop your business in a much larger market without the overheads related to office rental, IT, employees and other inherent costs.

We will guide you throughout and anywhere in the world

CPIE Services also establishes companies in Asia, Dubai, Europe and many other jurisdictions. Legislation varies from country to country. This can be managed via different local legal advisors. Alternatively, you can let CPIE Services guide you all the way and still maintain complete control. Let us discuss options with you today.



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