Want to do business in England and the European Union?

American? What to do business in Europe?

Check out the four steps to build a business in Europe already based in America.

Many fantastic products are invented, build and sold in America and, over time, it makes sense to enhance the business within Europe. The challenge is obviously the language but also important is the way of communication and the mentality that is very different between USA and Europe.

England - a perfect pitstop for american companies heading towards Europe

England – a perfect pit stop entering Europe

England is the perfect pit stop for American companies entering into Europe:

  • The communication is easy
  • The timezone is closest to America
  • The business environment is a perfect match.

Deduct R&D costs with up to 230%

Developing a product in America has to be focused on the American market. When entering the European market, there will be a need for further development to secure the success.

The United Kingdom gives enhanced possibilities to develop your products further to fit the European market. With the option to deduct R&D costs up to 230%, having a UK company – and using local resources, skills and knowledge – will create a huge benefit for any American company. Establish a British branch, get the development done and start selling in the UK and in Europe.

CPIE Services helps America companies doing business in Europe

CPIE Services helps companies establish their branch in the UK. We provide the business address and secure your legal and business entity in the UK. We support you with your planning for development and doing business by introducing you to our local accountants and lawyers.  Done – you are ready for business.

CPIE Services have business consultants through Scandinavia and in the Netherlands. We are able to build a European strategy for your business, an operational plan for entering the market and even executing on your plans. We are so ready to help you and give you the fast track that you need to success.

4 steps to build business in England and Europe

4 steps to build business in Europe

There are four steps to build a business in Europe already based in America:

1. Establish the company in England

CPIE Services will set-up the UK limited company, prepare and host the legal entity and establish the administration base. We are specialists in establishing and hosting companies and have done so for many years. We support you in the initial phase and maintain this service in the future. We already support a huge number of companies, and we give you the opportunity to focus on your business – we do the rest.

Use the UK company as the base for European business and should your wish, we can also establish and secure a branch in other European countries.

2. Set up a local team to develop and finetune

There are many nationalities living in the UK and access to a huge mass of skills in languages, product development, marketing and business executing is available.

Depending on your type of product or service, there will be a need to adapt it to the different markets in Europe. Europe have many different types of markets and mentalities and it will take time to adjust and adapt in order to gain the optimal success.

Set up the local team to develop and fine-tune the products or services for the European market.

3. Grap the low-hanging fruits in England

As an American company with an American team, the low hanging fruits are in the English market.

There is a saying: “When you can conquer the UK market, you are ready for the European market”. CPIE Services can help you with the planning and execution in the UK market and secure a base for your additional business. We have a huge network in the UK and, jointly, we can secure your success.

4. Have a plan for entering the European market

Once established in the English market, an analysis will be made on the European market, but the language barrier should not hamper your desire to move into Europe.

CPIE has an awareness of the business world, and a great understanding of the local mentality in each of the individual countries, including native speakers, to take to you to the next stage of expansion.

Our business consultants can advise and help you with the business strategy, and execute on the agreed planning. With our extensive knowledge and network in Europe, we will be able to push you and your company into any corner of the European market.

The next step for you is to contact us and for us to help make your dreams happen.



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