Brexit a great opportunity?

Brexit a great opportunity?

BREXIT OPPORTUNITY: Brexit is not necessarily a smoking gun. It can also be a great opportunity

There are many opinions on Brexit. In recent years, all possible outcomes of Brexit have been discussed. It ends when the clock strikes 12 this New Year’s Eve – and there is not much time left.

Nobody knows yet what Brexit actually means until several years from now. Still, Brexit can be a great opportunity for you and your business – especially if you have a goal of capturing the English-speaking market. England is still an important market for Denmark.

Brexit is a reality and a good opportunity very soon

Many have wanted Brexit, but also an incredible number both inside and outside the UK have cursed the idea of the UK leaving the EU. Whatever belief you have, it’s certainly a big change for many businesspeople, but that does not mean it’s just a problem. Not at all.

Brexit is a reality, and now is the time to take a stand and perhaps set up your business in the UK, so that it opens up opportunities rather than creating obstacles.

Be present in England – it’s actually easy

In recent years, we have been advocating for the establishment of a company in England, and it is now essential to be able to get started.

By establishing your business in the UK, you show that you believe in your business in the UK and want to work together – whatever the situation. It is an important signal and makes the way into England easier for you.

In addition, you get some completely unique options such as:

  • access to a huge market
  • favourable tax conditions when you develop in your business
  • easier access to an internationalization of your business.

Brexit opportunity
It’s easy to establish in England

At CPIE Services, we have many customers who have already established an English company with a Danish branch. They already have a foothold in England, and at the same time a branch registered in Denmark. They can use this for the Danish market – with a Danish company number and bank account – and for your activities in the EU.

It is probably the most flexible solution in Europe, as it is unique to Denmark. In other countries you have to set up companies and produce annual accounts in each country, but here you only have to make the company accounts in England. Of course, it can create some challenges when moving goods between Denmark, the EU and the UK, but there is also a solution to this.

Are you considering starting a company? Here are three benefits setting up a company in the UK:

  1. Quick and easy establishment of company
  2. Simple administration
  3. Minimal accountancy

Many believe that Brexit was a completely missed shot, but you might as well see it as a great opportunity for you to create new business and growth in the UK and abroad.

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