Brexit: We can guide you through the new rules for the sale of goods

Brexit - product sales

Sales of goods: Finally, an agreement has been made on England’s withdrawal from the EU. Although no taxes are levied on goods and services, there are many areas where companies need to prepare for the new world.

Sales of goods from the EU to the UK

From England’s standpoint, exports haven’t changed much – there are just a few extra rules.

But if, on the other hand, you are in the EU and have to sell your goods to companies in England, that is a slightly different matter. Now you must ensure that your products are properly registered with country of origin, customs and any taxes. It’ll create a little more work than before but should be perfectly manageable.

Here is a slight dilemma about product sales…

If you, as a company in the EU, want to sell goods / products to private individuals in the UK, the company must be VAT registered in the UK, and your company must settle normal VAT in the UK.

Of course, there will be a little extra work and administration if English customers only occasionally order goods. In addition, there is also a difference between whether your products sales are above or below € 150 per order / profit.

Again, CPIE Services can help you. If you want to sell your products and services in the UK, it will be advantageous for you to have an English company.

  • We’ll establish the English company for you with a UK-registered business address
  • We’ll ensure that you have full control over your imports and deliveries
  • We’ll ensure that you are in control of the company accounts
    – all the things that we already help many of our customers with today

Sale of goods England

England still offers many benefits

It is worth remembering that England is an important export market for EU companies, and many Europeans look to England because:

  • there is access to a huge market of about 65 million people
  • you get the best start for internationalisation of the company
  • England provides up to 230% deductions on development costs
  • England is one of the most business-friendly countries in Europe

England has a great interest in creating great opportunities for you and your business. Therefore, England will always remain an important trading nation.

By having a presence in England, the way into England and the English market becomes so much easier for you than if you are on the outside.

CPIE Services is more than happy to be available with any help or assistance that you may require. We work with local accountants and lawyers should more detailed information be needed.

Travel to England

Of course, it will still be possible to travel to England – as a tourist and for business – but from now on there will be some changes to insurance, mobile roaming, driving, length of journey and other things that are not usually necessary when traveling within the EU. So, it will probably require a little more planning in the future …

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