Expand you business in the UK – we will help you get started

Expand business UK

Do you wish to expand your business? Then it makes really good sense to establish yourself in the English market. Learn about the opportunities. We will guide you and give you the best chance for establishment or expansion.

Export is the optimal way to expand and grow your business. If your company and products are ready for new markets, it is normal practice to export to other EU countries. Of course, getting off to a good start requires a good plan and resources, and you must be prepared for a few obstacles along the way.

England has always been a popular location for exports for European companies. It is a huge market, and it paves the way for reaching the whole of the English-speaking market. After Brexit, however, it became more challenging than we all hoped for, but at CPIE Services, we have gained a lot of expertise in guiding you to getting started. We are constantly following developments, have a good dialogue with the authorities and have already helped many (very different) European companies after Brexit.

We help these companies

There are many questions that need to be answered when you are going to start exporting and internationalising your products and your business. It takes time to get the strategy right – then it must be executed. There are also many other factors that need to be in place. Now that you’re getting started and planning your exports to England, let’s have a chat. We have a lot of knowledge and can help you with your specific requirements.

Here are some of the types of business we have helped:

  • European companies with existing export business
  • Companies that sell their products to many different markets – also in the UK.

For these companies, sales, and delivery directly to English customers become a challenge after Brexit. When goods are due to be sent, VAT registration and paperwork at customs must be in place. We also know how difficult it is when products need to be exchanged or returned.

Create your own business with a local warehouse in England

Since Brexit, we have helped many companies establish themselves in the UK. We can establish a branch in England and handle the goods in the warehouse for you.

In short, your goods are sent to your own company in England. From here, the goods are sent on to your customers. We will take care of all of that. We will also handle any goods that need to be exchanged or returned.

We can manage all this for you from the beginning. Once you are up and running, we can introduce you to the right partners – thus, you run a minimal risk.

Become your own distributor in England

Many companies have been selling their products for years through distributors in the UK. It is also quite appealing if the distributor ensures that your products have the highest focus, that the business is developed and that your products are at the forefront with large sales. If not, it might be time to look at other solutions.

CPIE Services establishes your branch in the UK, so you can be your own distributor. We handle your warehouse in the UK, possibly with an agent who is a specialist in your field and who can therefore ensure your distribution. That way you get control of your B2B and your brand in England.

CPIE Services helps with sales-related tasks, management tasks, negotiations, agreements, and follow-ups. Everything that can secure your earnings and optimise your business.

Establish franchise concept in England

Both new franchises and existing franchise chains are interested in the UK market. A franchise concept should always be tried in England, as there are many chains who have achieved great success. Moreover, being successful in England is the easiest way to get into the US where the market is huge.

We can help establish your franchise in the UK. It can be either as a head office or as a local administrative branch.

An advantage of establishing a head office of a franchise chain in the UK is that you can obtain large tax deductions on business development and product development. In some cases, this can be up to 150% of the cost.

Expand business EU

Build a green and carbon-neutral brand with local production

As we all know, we should think greener and buy locally. More and more European companies are producing and selling locally and trying to be as green as possible.

We’ll establish your local branch in England and of course, the biggest advantage of setting up a branch in the UK is that you can get a large tax deduction on business and product development – and in some cases up to 150% of the cost.

CPIE Services will find you local partners who can take care of finishing your products and securing the local distribution. Then you’ll have your green, carbon-neutral English company.

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