It is easy to establish a limited company in the UK

If you have a UK company, these are the benefits

4 advantages of a Limited company in the UK

1. NO capital requirement
There is NO capital requirement for an English company. For many years, a Limited company has been the standard form of a registered company in the UK, where an injection of capital is not required. It is up to the company itself to invest the capital.

2. NO requirements for VAT
There are NO requirements for VAT registration before your turnover is more than £85,000. If you only sell outside of England, VAT is not required.

3. A quick and easy proces
CPIE Services can establish your company and create your bank account in just a few weeks. We can also establish a branch of your company in the country where you reside and help you with an application for a bank account for the branch.

4. We help you with all accounting and administrative tasks
We’ll help you with all accounting and administrative tasks in relation to the UK company.

Special package for entrepreneurs and small Start-ups

CPIE Services can now offer a unique Entrepreneurial Package where we help you get started. The package includes these 4 benefits:

  • Set-up a Limited company with a registered address in England
  • Bank account for your business
  • Payment plan over 12 months (to ease the cost of the start-up fees for the company)

Call us on +45 7044 4024 or write to us at and get started right away.

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