We believe in the UK – also in the future

Read more about getting your money back after Brexit

We do not know how and when Brexit will happen – if at all.

Anyone who sets-up a UK company and a bank account through CPIE Services (from 25-04-2019) will get their money back but only IF Brexit prevents you from continuing your business due to new implementations which would mean you having to pull out of the UK.

So, if you think the uncertainty surrounding Brexit will slow down your expansion plans, we can help shoulder some of that risk for you.

There has been too much uncertainty about how or if UK businesses will be able to carry on or whether any new changes that are implemented will make it difficult for companies to survive.

Will foreign nationals be prevented from owning and running a business in the UK after Brexit? Who knows?

There should be no obstacles

We firmly believe that everything will probably continue as it is and that, in the future, you can still run a solid profitable business in England – either as a parent company or as a branch office. Therefore, our offer – that you can get the money back if it does not succeed after Brexit – IS a reality.

So, what is the problem? We have removed the obstacles for you. Establish a UK company and get your business started.

Contact us for more information and the terms* for this great deal.

* Terms to get your money back – you know, the usual small print:

The offer applies to your payment to CPIE Services for establishing a UK company with a bank account, and any local branch offices.

The offer is valid from 25-04 2019 until the UK withdraws from the EU (or not). The money back offer applies if you receive extraordinary costs because of Brexit, which means that the company produces an unexpected deficit or legal complications which means it is impossible to continue the business.

If you want to cease trading in England, our accountant will review the business, and everything will be put in order for the company to close. CPIE Services exercises its rights to refuse to set up a company, if the business model is unethical, illegal or otherwise violates common sense.

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